Tom Yum

Tofu, Chicken or Shrimp in hot and sour soup seasoned with lemongrass, galanga root, kaffir lime leaves, mushroom and green onion. 

For shrimp please add $ 1.00. (pictured)$2 for large                                                                               $4.95,$7.95 (L)

Tom Kha

The Tom Yum soup with the added flavor of cocunut milk

For shrimp please add $ 1.00, $2 for large                                                                                            $4.95,$7.95 (L)

Tofu Soup

Minced chicken and tofu in a chicken broth garnished with

scallions.                                                         $4.95, $7.95 (L)


Won Ton Soup

Chicken dumpling in a chicken broth with napa and lettuce.

                                                                         $4.95, $7.95 (L)